Staple Lifter (Osborne 120 1/2) - Richard Wylie - Tools by Richard Wylie Staple Lifter (Osborne 120 1/2) – Richard Wylie

Staple Lifter (Osborne 120 1/2)

Price: Regular price £27.06

Staple lifter – Osborne 120.5. Made from top quality steel, the staple lifter is angled correctly for removing staples of any size from the smallest to the long leg staples and shredded material. Overall length 8.5".
The electronically hardened working ends are oven tempered to avoid breakage. The staple lifter has a multi-sided easy grip plastic handle to stop rolling.
Overall length: 6.5”
Weight: 4oz
Blade length: 4.5”

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