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Osborne Fancy Nail Placer

from £14.41

"ELK" Upholstery Scissors 8.75" / 10"

from £35.99

Wiss Heavy Duty Upholstery Shears (8"/10"/12")

from £53.86

Hog Rings Width 20mm - 5lb Box

from £37.47

Wiss Plastic Thread Snip W1570QC

from £10.37

Wiss Professional Leather Scissors 8"

from £48.69

Flush Cut Pincers (Osborne 93)

from £54.82

Hog Ring Pilers Angled (Osborne 1440-BC)

from £55.08

Diagonal Cutting Nippers (Osborne 91)

from £15.72

Dos Plumas Tailors Shears (Fuly Left Handed)

from £66.04

Wiss Nickel Plated Thread Snip (WTC1)

from £25.94

On Sale

Finny Kretzer Professional Scissors 10" & 12"

from £53.04

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