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"ELK" Upholstery Scissors 8.75" / 10"

from £35.99

(25 Metres) 100% Cotton Sateen Combined with Fleece Interlining £6.66 per/m

from £166.60

(25 Metres) Blackout Lining Combined with Fleece Interlining

from £189.99

(40 Metres) Heavy Bump Interlining £5.04 per/metre

from £201.60

(50 Metres ) Blackout Lining

from £181.48

(50 Metres) Supersoft Blackout Lining

from £205.95

(50 Metres) 274cm Double Width Poly/Cotton Twill Curtain Lining £4.47 per metre

from £223.59

(50 Metres) Classic Napped 100% Cotton Sateen Curtain Lining

from £199.23

(50 Metres) Ezedrape Crease Resist Curtain Lining £3.46 per/metre

from £173.13

(50 metres) Fire Retardant Olympia Supersoft Blackout Lining

from £252.85

(50 metres) Flame Retardant 100% Cotton Crease Resist Non Durable Curtain Lining £4.38 PER METRE

from £219.24

(50 Metres) Flame Retardant 100% Cotton Durable Curtain Lining £5.18 per metre

from £259.26

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