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Just Colour Vinyl Collection

Technological innovation means Chieftain vinyl fabric can withstand any weather conditions. Easy to clean and maintain, this durable vinyl fabric ensures that exposure to the elements, whatever they may be, are not a concern.

Just Colour is a high-performance vinyl fabric and the perfect choice for outdoor use. We at Chieftain Fabrics have ensured that the components of Just Colour are of the highest quality, meaning that this vinyl fabric will withstand extremes of weather, from tropical storms to intense heat. Just Colour has passed the Jungle Test which guarantees it will tolerate high humidity and elevated temperatures with ease.

Although these fabrics are waterproof, we do not recommend that they are left outside for long periods of time. We recommend a minimum of 32 stitches per 10 cm and seams must have a minimum 12mm bite on the fabric.

Walnut – Brown

from £21.60

Sea Green

from £21.60

Ocean Blue

from £21.60

Fudge – Brown

from £21.60

Rainforest – Green

from £21.60

Lupin – Blue

from £21.60

Cocoa – Brown

from £21.60

Blue Steel

from £21.60

Pecan – Brown

from £21.60

Rusty – Brown

from £21.60

Professor Plum – Purple

from £21.60

Jasmine White

from £21.60

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