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Magnetic Tack Hammer (Osborne 1011)

from £38.99

Steelblade Staple Lifter (Osborne 1066)

from £36.25

Beech Wooden Mallet (M W M4)

from £21.81

White Rubber Mallet (Osborne 396.2)

from £23.96

Rapid Hand Tacker R13 (13 Series)

from £29.59

Hog Rings Width 20mm - 5lb Box

from £37.47

Ripping Chisel (Osborne 402)

from £24.49

Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher (Osborne 253)

from £51.17

Bevel Point Skiving Knife (Osborne 479)

from £17.34

Rapid Hand Tacker R23 (13 Series)

from £40.49

Staple Puller Plier (Osborne 600)

from £45.66

Plastic Spiked Webbing Stretcher( Osborne 869P)

from £15.32

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