Whether your project is a personal one or one for a client, finding the right fabric for your piece of furniture is critical to the finished look.

Start by: –

  • Working out what you like or dislike about particular fabrics to help narrow down your perfect fabric
  • Look for inspiration all around you and online
  • Order swatches
  • Consider the fabric in the desired room

Then consider the following:-

  1. Usage

When trying to choose the fabric for your project the most important consideration is what the piece will be used for. For example, if the piece is set to be a living room ottoman, it is likely to be used a lot. Holding up feet, shelving, hot mugs of tea and coffee mean that the fabric must be able to survive that level of wear.


  1. Weight

Furthermore, the weight of the fabric is important. Sofas and couches which are used a lot will need a very strong and thick material. Generally, the thicker the material the better it will hold up to frequent use.

  1. Colour

When choosing fabric there will be a range of colours at your disposal. If this is for a personal project, you may want to consider which room you will put it in, or how versatile the colour will be around the house. If this project is for sale, your options are greater. Consider what your customers will be attracted to. Is this piece funky, classic, traditional or a modern combination? Also think about current new trends, patterns and popular evoke-lime-mediumcolours.

  1. Texture

Texture can be a fun way to define your piece, from leather, velvet or wool you really can decide the look and the feel of your piece. Remember your desired colour will look different depending on what fabric you choose.


  1. Special considerations

If your project is for yourself, you may want to consider:00af57ff2d0cb021c5f117a55143c56a

  • Pets – do you have pets who may scratch the fabric?
  • Children – is the fabric durable to climbing and spillages?
  • Size of the room – will a very energetic fabric consume the size of the room?