Foam Cut To Size

Made-to-measure foam cut to your specification

We can cut foam to any size or shape from a range of foam templates. If you require a unique/custom cut foam shape, it’s likely we can do that too.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we can help with sizing and specification. Simply call us or request a foam quote in the form below.

Polyester dacron wrap with stockinette cover

To finish off your foam we would recommend a polyester dacron wrap with stockinette cover. Polyester dacron rounds off corner edges, provides extra comfort, increases durability and adds a professional finish to your foam.

Cut To Size Form

To order a cut to size foam piece, please fill the form below.

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Foam shape

Square/Rectangle Bull Nosed Front Knee Roll Front Backrest
Circle/Cylinder Triangle Equilateral Triangle Window Seat
Clipped Window Seat Bolster/V Berth Clipped Bolster Curved Chair
4 Slided Polygon 5 Slided Polygon 6 Slided Polygon L Cushion
Curved L Cushion T Cushion Curved T Cushion Your Own Shape