How to bring summer to your home

Minimalist with a twist It’s all about contrasts this summer, sleek designs with contrasting patters, bright colours, intricate textures in a blend of modern and antique mix. Spend time creating themes that draw your eye but don’t take over your room.   Hand-made...

How to choose your perfect fabric

Whether your project is a personal one or one for a client, finding the right fabric for your piece of furniture is critical to the finished look. Start by: - Working out what you like or dislike about particular fabrics to help narrow down your perfect fabric Look...

Client Spotlight

We’re turning the spotlight on to upholsterer Dorothy Rissman. Dorothy is based in Edinburgh and has produces some beautiful work. We simply love Dorothy's pieces and you can follow her now on Twitter @djrissman...

All New Abraham Parquet Fabric

We are proud to provide stunning moon fabrics, a stunning range of luxury wool fabrics from one of the last remaining wooden mills in Great Britain, and we are excited to launch their new ‘Parquet’ fabric including in a wide range of colours including blues, greens,...

Five upcycled products we love

We love these upcycled products and have the tools and fabric you need to make them. Used old bottles make great lampshades Take a step up with this fantastic ladder turned shelf Childs play – cute children’s picnic table made from old skateboards This shelf and...


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